Tiffany Lamps

We make Tiffany Lamps. We do traditional and bespoke designs.
First, a few of my own designs:

Saxophone Lamp
Looks stunning on a standard lamp base
Saxophone Stained Glass Lamp

SAXOPHONE MAN   (24″ wide, 10″ deep)









This lamp shade is for sale (£340)

With the base if you like it (£380 (for both))

Interested? Please click here for options.


Hare and the Moon stained glass
Hare & the Moon
Arrow through the Heart
Designed in the nineties!
Medium sized "The Leaf"
The Leaf
Bird of Paradise lamp
Bird of Paradise









And a few made from other artists’ designs, (most in North America, the home of Tiffany Lamps):

Rococo in stained glass
Rococo in stained glass
The Zuk
The Zuk
Baroque stained glass
Baroque stained glass







Stunning blue glass by Uroboros
Stunning blue Tiffany Cone
Tiffany Cone
Tiffany Cone in warm colours
Arum or Calla Lily in glass
Arum Lily
A small one!








Tiffany Dragon Fly in stained glass
Tiffany Dragon Fly
Slumped fruit 22" diam
Made with slumped fruit glass
The Harlequin
1100 pieces of glass
Stained Glass Rose
The Rose in stained glass