Stained Glass Repairs

We repair plenty of stained glass or Tiffany Lamps:

Door panel re-leaded.
Stained Glass Lamp repair
Vase cap + top three rows were broken and buckled. Now repaired and good as new.
3 sided lamp after repair
Large complex panels repaired
3 sided lamp repair
Two large pieces of glass damaged
Stained glass lamp repair
Looking perfect again
Tiffany LAmp to repair
Broken pieces removed









Repaired stained glass shade
Reassembled – as new.
reassembled lamp
Four sides fallen apart
Repaired lamp shade
Good shape restored
A lot of damaged glass removed
Broken glass out








Repaired shade
Good as new!
Repair required
Broken glass removed
Damaged vase cap & glass
Vase cap and glass damaged









Large Repaired stained glass Shade
Good as new!
Damaged bits removed
Dented area removed
A beauty restored
Cone shaped lamp repaired
Stained glass shade
Ready for new glass