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Broadland Stained Glass, based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire is a specialist stained glass repair company

Please note that any commissions for manufacture or repairs will take 7 - 28 days after they get to the head of the queue.

We specialise in Tiffany lamp shade and panel repairs. We have been working with stained glass for nineteen years. We use traditional methods and materials - no plastics or art paints here!
Double soldering gives a strong AND handsome finish, in and out.
Every stained glass product shown on this web site has either been designed, made or repaired by us.

Text or E-Mail a photo of your damaged Tiffany style stained glass shade (showing the damage) for an estimate!

Repaired lamp shade

During and after pictures of this large lamp repaired in October. It had been dropped and was stoved in on one side. The large area without glass is where about 100 pieces were cracked or missing. The metal crown was torn and had to be replaced. A challenging repair.

Repaired Poppy lamp shade

A very attractive Poppy Lamp repaired in October. Considerable damage had occurred on one side. Many panes were broken, cracked, or missing. This was a very big project.

Repaired lamp shade

During and after pictures of another large lamp repaired in September. The large area without glass is where 39 pieces had to be removed to enable replacement of nine broken or dislodged. There were a further nine in a second area. (Second one of the same design that we have repaired).

Repaired lamp shade

The vase cap (metal crown) had detached from the rest of the shade which then fell apart. After I rebuilt this lamp I carried out our proven vase cap reinforcement to minimise the chance of a repeat failure.

Damaged Glass Lamp Large repaired stained glass lamp shade

Below is the toughest project I have ever taken on:
damaged stained glass lamp shade repaired stained glass lamp shade
When the shade arrived, it was with the vase cap (crown) detached and the shade in pieces. As you can see in the photograph, many of the vertical seams on the side were coming apart.

In the end I decided to tie the lamp together, possible in this case because of the metal decoration (black leaves in the photograph). From there I was able to make a start.
First the loose glass and crown were removed and cleaned up. Vertical seams were repaired (with proper thick soldering). A reinforcing wire was then soldered all the way round the lamp at the "shoulder". The top row of glass was then re-fixed into position and a second reinforcing wire was soldered in all the way round the top.

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